Uniform UI CSS Documentation

Hudl's new CSS library, informed by Uniform's design guidance. We make it easier for you to build. Get started with the documentation →

Recent Notable Releases

v0.11.9 : Z-Index + Selection Colors

This release further defines a z-index layering systems that will help ensure parts of a given interface do not improperly stack over one another. Additionally, this release adds Content Selection colors.

v0.11.0 : Color Refactor + Expansion

This release expands the Uniform color palette, completely changes the naming convention for color variables within Uniform UI CSS, and modifies the concept of theming, introducing Environments and Levels.

Recent Articles

The future of theming?

Leading up to the next release of uniform-ui-css, we reconsidered whether theming made sense for users and for the library itself.

Uniform UI CSS

Our aim is to make your job easier. Follwing the design guidance of Uniform, we provide CSS classes, variables, mixins and functions. You'll spend less time deciding how to make something debugging that code after you've written it. Check out the project on Github.


Uniform UI Components

To make your job even easier, we provide a set of React components that have Uniform-UI-CSS styles already applied. You'll spend less time figuring out how to structure HTML or figuring out how to name your classes, and more time shipping your project.


Articles, updates and things we're thinking about

The Uniform UI Blog provides updates about the process of building Uniform-UI-CSS and why we've done what we've done, articles to help you write better CSS and things that are on the horizon for you.